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hi its been very2 long..only today my hand very itchy to write something, about this THING...coz today is the day that, that, its hard to say but..its today..AARGHH.. its hard to say but again i will pour it aftr..aftr..IT happen..this issue has been so long but i pray it will turn good no GREAT for me and the others..today i'm gonna know that am i part of THE OTHERS.. so i wish me luck..pray for everythings is fine..nice.. i love myself..

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its been ages since i've updated my blog..my sis keep bugging me to do it..ok..ok..

mmm..what to say..what to say...(thinking)

on the couch my darl watching his soccer match.. liverpool versus newcastle

my 3 little diamonds are sleeping..

my sis in her room..

me in the kitchen starring at my laptop thinking what to write..still thingking...mmm....

my voice has change..oh.. second thought is i had no voice at all..yup.. me not feeling well.. the weather..(seems everybody put the blame on the weather if got sick) whats up with that..
hate being sick..hate it..hate it..been drinking lots of e-spring ( water filter we had at home..love it) and been taking my bio-c(vitamin c) lots of it too..lucky and not so lucky my darl is not working ..on mc for two weeks (due to his finger..nearly amputated) dont want to discuss about that..every time i or he or we mention about the finger thing.. i got chilled..so with his finger injured what much he can helped around with..let me tell about it.. i am sick.. with my two heroes wanna be..and of course my little adorable princessa that love to cry( of coz that is the only thing she can do at the moment)..and not to forget my beloved darl.. with nearly fingerless..r u thingking what i'm thingking..mm..
got to go.. my princessa is calling me..FEEDING TIME..


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he went out... fishing AGAIN!
i hate it! i hate it! i hate it!

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wah..i love my blogskin..its very me.. a credit to my beloved sis.."WELL DONE SIS"
mm.. firstly..would like to welcome myself to my very own blog..
secondly.. happy birthday to ME..yup..yup..yup.. today is the day..the DAY is today... any celebration? yup..yup..yup.. it was yesterday.. its was SURPRISE party..a VERY surprise for ME.. i like it..i love it..very..very..MUCH..thks to ALL..